Features: Narrative, Documentary & Docu-Drama

Love Between The Covers Producer/Director: Laurie Kahn
An in depth look into the world of romance novels and the handful of successful women who write them, and keep the publishing business afloat.  Available on Netflix

Electoral Dysfunction Producer/Director: Leslie Farrell, David Deschamps and Bennett Singer
How voting for the president of the United States really works in America.  Theatrical release and PBS broadcast. Available on Netflix.

Two Square Miles Producer/Director: Barbara Ettinger
Political/economic forces collide in an upstate New York river town. PBS

Martha & Ethel Producer/Director: Jyll Johnstone and Barbara Ettinger
Portrait of two elderly nannies and their enduring relationships with the children they raised. Sundance and Toronto Film Festivals, Best Documentary: Hamptons Film Festival. Sony Pictures Classics: Theatrical/cable release.

Angelo My Love Producer/Director: Robert Duvall
Drama of Gypsy boy and his odyssey through the NY Gypsy world. Cannes Film Festival/ Theatrical/ cable release.

Death By Hanging Producer/Director: Kimi Zabahyan
“America Undercover” HBO Series. Cine Golden Eagle.

We’re Not The Jet Set Producer/Director: Robert Duvall
Documentary about a tough Nebraska rodeo, ranching and farming family. Theatrical release.

Get Rollin’ Producer/Director: Terry Mitchell
The lives of four roller skaters and the world of the famous Empire Roller Rink in Brooklyn. Theatrical release

One Hour: Documentary & Docu-Drama

Isaac Pope: The Spirit of an American Century
The story of 99 year old Isaac Pope, grandson of slaves, son of sharecroppers, who served in the only African American artillery unit to see combat in WWII, returned home to Jim Crow, and went on to fight for civil rights.

NOVA: Pluto Flyby Producer/Director: Terri Randall
The journey of “New Horizons,” a NASA space craft launched in 2006, with its destination Pluto. PBS.

NOVA: The Robots Are Coming Producer/Director: Terri Randall
The development of a state-of-the-art rescue robot that can perform essential  tasks in dangerous, life threatening environments. PBS.

NOVA: Smartest Machine on Earth Producer/Director: Michael Bicks
The creation of “Watson”,  IBM’s state-of-the-art computer that wins at “Jeopardy.” PBS.

This Is The House That Jack Built Producer/Director: Paul Roberts
A look back into the life of JFK at the 100th anniversary of his birth. WCVE/PBS

African American Lives Producer/Director: Leslie Farrell
The original one hour show that traces black family histories through slave records and DNA analysis, to Africa and Europe. Kunhardt Prods. PBS.

Atlantic City Hookers: It Ain’t E-Z Being A Ho’ Producer/Director: Brent Owens
HBO’s now classic America Undercover documentary series about prostitutes, their johns, their world.

Downtown Girls: The Hookers of Honolulu Producer/Director: Brent Owens
Four transgender prostitutes working the downtown strip in Honolulu. HBO/America Undercover series.

Carrier: Arsenal of the Sea
Maiden voyage of the carrier, USS Ronald Reagan, from Norfolk, VA through the Straits of Magellan. Discovery Channel.

“This Far By Faith” Producer/Director: Leslie Farrell
African-Americans travel through the Deep South and to Goree Island, Senegal, retracing route of ancestors to America. PBS series

Narrative / Period Pieces

A Dream of Empire Producer: Chiz Schultz; Director: Luis Soto
Sixteenth Century period piece about Conquistador who founded St. Augustine, FL. National Geographic.

A Musical Offering  Producer/Director: Eugene Enrico
Johann Sebastian Bach’s 3rd son, Christian, relates the story of how his father made a gift of original music to his employer, Frederick The Great, King of Prussia, in 1752.  Shot in two 18th century palaces in Germany.

I also shot a series of 18th and 19th century historical pieces about Abraham Lincoln, George and Martha Washington and the famous Culper Gang of Revolutionary War fame. They are on permanent exhibition at the Mount Vernon Museum, VA, and the Independence Hall Museum, Philadelphia. Producer/Director: Terry Randall.  The History Channel

Corporate Assignments

I work with corporations producing, shooting and editing informational videos, as well as interviews with corporate executives and employees for a wide range of internal and web applications.


We all shoot interviews.  I take pride in doing them very well. I’ve shot interviews with an amazingly diverse group of men and women, from US presidents, senators, foreign heads of state, corporate leaders, astrophysicists, Wall Streeters, dirt farmers, musicians, actors and a US Supreme Court judge. I’ve assembled a lighting package that allows me to work in any environment to produce beautiful and compelling images.

Network Television

I spent 14 years as a freelance DP for Good Morning America, The Today Show,  NBC Nightly News, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Sunday Morning, Dateline, Nightline and 20/20. I shot single and multi camera interviews, live shots and short documentaries relating to major national and international events. My work there earned an Edward R. Murrow Award, one of the highest accolades in the news business.